About Us

Mission Vacation is a Mission Beach Vacation Rental business located in Mission Beach, San Diego, California.  At Mission Vacation, I believe that your vacation is one of the most important times of your life, both for you and your family.  My mission, is your vacation. Likewise, the ownership of a vacation property can be a costly and stressful investment. My goal is to help each property owner to achieve their goal, while giving the owner a break from the day-to-day management of the property. I encourage potential vacationers to ask questions about Mission Beach and nearby Pacific Beach. The website is built around a body of content that is also intended to help clients learn all they can about a little slice of heaven.  See what I think of the local restaurants and bars.  Learn how the streets of Mission Beach are named, and why. Learn whether you should reserve  your vacation property on the ocean front, on the bay front, or in between.  I will help you figure out where to rent a bike or take surf lessons.  I am here for you and will continue to build a website that offers an excellent resource for your Mission Beach vacation. Mission Vacation owned and managed Cindy Grosskopf. Cindy was vacation rental manager at San Diego Vacation Rentals for eight years and 5 years at Mission Sands. has nearly fifteen years of vacation rental management experience in the Mission Beach area.  Cindy brings a high level of personalized management to Mission Vacation. She loves being able to help vacationers find their perfect vacation rental property in Mission Beach. Cindy’s goal is to provide a positive experience for vacation rental clients, while helping property owners fill their beach condos and houses throughout the year.