Mission Beach Street Names

 Street Names-
The street names on the peninsula of Mission Beach start with Aspin in South Mission Beach and end with Zanzibar in North Mission Beach with Mission Boulevard being the main north-south thoroughfare on the peninsula.There are sixty-five short east-west passageways which intersect Mission Boulevard. The larger passageways, or Places, are named after California Missions (Santa Clara Place, San Jose Place, El Carmel Place)The shorter passageways, or Courts, are named after beaches from all over the world (Avalon Court, Devon Court, Neptune, Court, Liverpool Court, Zanzibar Court…) The Places are larger intersections , usually with a stop sign or stop light. The Courts are walking passages between the residences on the peninsula. Since there were fifty-two Courts and only twenty-six alphabet letters, obviously some letters had to be used more than once. Also, some letters have a stubborn way of resisting initial use. Here is a list of all the Court and Place names:

Aspin – There is an Aspen Beach in Canada. However no one seems to know why Aspin Ct is spelled with an I.

Anacapa – One of the northerly group of Santa Barbara Islands.

Allerton – Allerton Point, Mass., is north of Nantasket Beach.

Asbury – Asbury Park, N.J., is a resort city on the Atlantic coast.

(San Luis Rey Place intervenes.)

Avalon – Resort town and bay on Santa Catalina Island, California.

Balboa – Beach resort in Orange County, California.

Brighton – English resort on English Channel.

(Capistrano Place intervenes.)

Cohasset – Summer resort and town on Massachusetts Bay, southeast of Bos­ton.

Coronado – San Diego County’s own famous beach city and resort.

Deal – Seaside resort near Dover, Eng­land.

(San Gabriel Place intervenes.)

Devon – English county with miles of rocky coastline.

Dover – English Channel port on the Strait of Dover.

Ensenada – Port and resort, Baja Califor­nia, Mexico.

(San Fernando Place intervenes.)

Island – Several possibilities: Island Beach, Ocean County, eastern New Jersey; Island Park, village and shore ­resort in Nassau County, N.Y.; or even possibly a generic name.

Isthmus – Again, several possibilities: the Isthmus of Panama; a misspelling of Isthmia on the Peloponnesus, Greece; or a generic name.

Jamaica – Perhaps the Island in the West Indies; or even Jamaica Bay, Long Island, N.Y. (Santa Barbara Place intervenes.)

Jersey – Take your choice: one of the Channel Islands off Normandy, France; or Jersey City, N.J., in Upper New York Harbor.

Kennebeck – A fascinating study in pos­sible misspellings. The Kennebec (with­out a final “k”) River in Maine has no port nearer the Atlantic than Bath. But Kennebunk, Maine, is both a port and summer resort.

Kingston – Among the possibilities are Kingston, Jamaica, a port; Kingston, Mass., on Plymouth Bay; and Kings­ton-on-Thames, near London, a resort suburb.

(San Luis Obispo Place intervenes.)

Lido – Island resort in Northern Italy, near the Lagoon of Venice.

Liverpool – Second largest port in Great Britain, near the mouth of the Mersey River.

Manhattan – Our well-known giant on the Hudson; or possibly locally known Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles County. Local pride points to the latter.

(El Carmel Place intervenes.)

Monterey – California’s own famed resort and scenic region below San Francisco.

Nahant – Beach resort town on Massa­chusetts Bay, near Lynn, Mass.

Nantasket – Another resort town on Mas­sachusetts Bay, opposite Nahant.

(San Juan Place intervenes.)

Niantic – Resort village in Connecticut, part of East Lyme.

Ormond – Resort city in northeast Flor­ida.

Ostend – City, port, and seaside resort in Belgium.

(Santa Clara Place intervenes.)

Portsmouth – Port or resort cities by this name are found in Hampshire, Eng­land, and in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Virginia, U.S.A.

Pismo – Resort beach famous for clam­ming, San Luis Obispo County, Califor­nia.

Queenstown – Fishing town on the East­ern Shore of Maryland, on Chester River estuary.

Redondo – Beach resort, Los Angeles County.

Rockaway – Rockaway Peninsula, New York is the site of many resort communities;

(San Jose Place intervenes.)

Salem – Port and harbor in Massachu­setts.

Seagirt – Sea Girt is a resort borough in New Jersey, near Asbury Park.

Sunset – Sunset Beach, resort town near Long Beach, Ca.

Tangiers – Tangier (singular) is in Moroc­co, on the Strait of Gibraltar;

Toulon – A French port on the Mediter­ranean.

Vanitie – (Unknown; probably coined.)

(San Rafael Place intervenes.)

Venice – You may choose between Ven­ice, Italy, or Venice, a resort in Los Angeles, which was in its heyday in 1914.

Verona – Verona, Maine, is on an island in the mouth of the Penobscot River.

Whiting – Town in Maine on Dennys Bay, southwest of Eastport.

Windimere – Another study in misspell­ing. Probably comes from Lake Win­dermere in the Lake District of England, which has many resorts. The name, Windermere, is also repeated in Canada at lake resorts.

Yarmouth – Another sturdy English name, applied to more than one resort in England, and to several more in the New World. In the U.S., there are at least two popular summer resorts named Yarmouth; one in southwestern Maine, another on Cape Cod, Massa­chusetts.

York – York, Maine, includes a summer resort called York Beach.

Zanzibar – An island off the east coast of Africa.

(Santa Rita intervenes.)