San Diego Condo Rentals

San Diego condo rentals and beach front rentals in San Diego are available from Mission Vacation.  While beach front houses in San Diego are often available for rent, most of the premium ocean front properties in San Diego are condos.  However, San Diego condo rentals are nothing to laugh at.  The beach front condos in Mission Beach, for example, are often worth $2 million or more.  These San Diego condos on the beach are typically located on the Boardwalk in Mission Beach.  The Boardwalk is a 2.5 mile stretch of sidewalk along the Pacific Ocean that hosts hundreds of small condo complexes with large luxurious condos in each building.San Diego condo rentals are not the same as the condos on the East Coast.  The buildings are rarely over 3-6 units and almost all are less than 30′ high.  The coastal laws limit the height, as well as the limit of 3 stories.  Thus, the condos on the beach in San Diego are not in giant condo complexes that rise to the sky, but in small complexes with only a few units in each.