Walk the Piers!!

Walk the Piers in Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach!Let’s face it, when it comes to vacations in the Mission Beach area, there is a lot of good eating going on!!  Now it is time to walk off some of those great appetizers and desserts and check out some very scenic places at the same time. There are 2 very cool piers to visit in the area. The first is Crystal Pier. While you walk out onto the pier you will see right away it is a very popular spot for surfers and boogie boarders to go out in the water. Approaching the end of the peir you have a panoramic view of the beach areas and plenty of fresh air. Bring a camera and you won’t be disappinted.The second pier to check out is The Ocean Beach Pier Why? Because it is the largest pier on the west coast and is only about 4 miles south of the Crystal Pier in beautiful Ocean Beach. This pier has a little cafe on it and has some of the best views from the very end of the pier, looking north and south. It is an amazing pier and a great place for some relaxing time outdoors.